Benefits of Health Insurance Policy Renewal before expiry date

Renew on time, and make your benefits work overtime!
It makes a lot of sense to renew your policy before the expiry date. First of all, you enjoy continuity benefits - you don't have to go through waiting periods again, nor do you lose the PED cover. You don't need to get a medical check-up, either. And if you complete 8 non-stop years of your policy, no claim you make can be contested!

Grace Period Benefits during Health Insurance Renewal

Missed the last date to renew? Race for it, and do so with grace!
Although it's best to renew before the last date, you have an additional 30 days - this is called the Grace Period - to renew your policy after the expiry date. If you do renew within these 30 days, you will still enjoy the continuity benefits of your policy. However, no claim can be paid during the period for which the premium is not paid. 

Health Insurance Renewal FAQs